Vexillology: The Importance of Flag Design

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This video with Roman Mars is going to make you want to go out there and start researching flags and start redesigning your own town or city flags or maybe it will spark up some inspiration for your own branding.

After watching this I started researching vexillology and got slightly obsessed. (I feel a Pinterest session coming on) If you are not familiar with the term vexillology is here a definition from the Flag Institute – The United Kingdom’s National Flag Charity.

‘Vexillology is the scientific study of flags and related emblems. It is concerned with research into flags of all kinds, both modern and historical, the creation of a body of practice for flag design and usage, and of a body of theory of flag development. Vexillology seeks to understand and explain the important part played by flags in the modern world.’

One of the key things that I took from this TED talk was this:

My mission is to get people to engage with the design they care about, so they begin to pay attention to all forms of design. When you decode the world with design intent in mind, the world becomes kind of magical; instead of seeing the broken things, you see all the little bits of genius that anonymous designers have sweated over to make our lives better. And that’s essentially the definition of design – Making life better and providing joy. ~ Roman Mars

So not only does this video suggest how important flag design is, but it makes you realise the importance of your own creative impact on the world really is. Design truly makes the world a magical place, so whether you are a painter, a writer or a dancer, go out there and do your thing. Make the world a better place for your being here through your creativity.

And of course, if you feel inspired to go out there and start drawing flags post them in the comments below!


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