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With only eight days left to fund the project through their Kickstarter Campaign, the Tag Talk team need your help. As always with Kickstarter you will get a little something in return for your support.

TagTalk will change how myself, and many others who are away from their loved ones, celebrate the next Mother’s Day and every special day.- The vision of Rachel Huang, cofounder of TagTalk.

So what is TagTalk?

Tag Talk is a new venture set up by three friends Rachel Huang, Peter and Collin, all international students who all pretty much spent 80% of their time abroad and 20% or perhaps even less at home. The ever long struggle to engage with long distance families and friends on special days/ life changing moments is a problem for many across the globe. Attempts with virtual greetings or skeuomorphic creations like e-cards rarely form a good correlation with a specific, real-time social incident, such as the birthday celebration with a houseful of guests within a certain few hours; while a hand written card has a content limitation which may make it difficult to present an authentic existence or genuine affection. This is where TagTalk comes in; an NFC (Near Field Communication) embedded QR code Gift Tag or Greeting Card that carries a multimedia greeting underneath its crafty, two-dimensional design. TagTalk has created 22 beautiful tags and cards, as well as three in-development mobile apps. By simply tapping or scanning the tag /card, greeting senders can add a personalized message composed of their photos, voice, and video by using the TagTalk software. From there, they can deliver a surprise that is both lively and collectible!

It is a fantastic way to give a physical but also a virtual gift. There is a variety of themes including Romance, Birthdays, Baby, Wedding, Invitation and if they are fully supported, we are sure there will be a lot more.

Support Tagtalk here.


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