Sarah Breese was the first winner of our Show Off competition. We asked Gypsy Rose Vintage and some of the A Place for Creation team to help us decide who the winner would be as the decision was a tough one. Sarah was chosen as her combination of digital and physical collage is so perfectly executed. Layering, mixing media’s and clashing concepts is something of a design forte, and one that is instantly recognizable.

Now that we that we are looking for the new Show Off Winner we decided to have a chat with Sarah to find out more about her work, future plans and how Show Off helped her to, well… show off!

What are you working on at the moment?

I’ve recently taken a slightly different direction in my work. Where previously my images were somewhat abstract, with their component parts often floating in space, as it were, I’ve recently started focusing more on creating coherent scenes.  It’s still firmly grounded in collage, and I use similar materials as before, but increasingly I’m interested in including a narrative in my images.


by Sarah Breese by Sarah Breese


I’ve also just finished a floor design for a boutique shop in Leicester called Watch This Space, so I’m really looking forward to seeing that when it’s installed.

Watch This Space by Sarah Breese

Watch This Space Boutique Floor Design

Do you have any future plans for your creative career?

I plan to continue exhibiting in galleries and doing commission work. I’m part of a group show at Bristol’s Weapon Of Choice gallery over Christmas, and I’ve got a few things lined up for next year too. I’ve also been entered into a competition with Ohh Deer, a design collective who promote and sell the work of artists on a range of gifts.  I never really expected to see my work printed on cushions but there it is…!

Ohh Deer Competition Cushion Design By Sarah Breese

Ohh Deer Competition Cushion Design

I did an artist workshop with sixth form students at Bostworth Academy a few months ago, and that’s something I would love to do a lot more of next year.

I’ve also produced a few album covers this year, which I really enjoyed. Working with bands to create something that reflects their identity and sound is really good fun, so I hope to do more of that too.

The Dutch Rudders by Sarah Breese

The Dutch Rudders Album Cover

You have your own style of working, how did you develop this and discover that collage and mixed medias are your preferred mediums?

I got into collage through studying Rauschenberg at university. The idea of being able to use objects from the real world and make art out of them really appealed to me. I have a real love of old photographs and books, so collage and mixed media were the logical choice discipline-wise. My practice has evolved and developed greatly since my university days, but the fundamental point to my work is still the same. I now use digital techniques as well, which has opened up new possibilities and ways of working for me.

What personal experiences led you to art and design as a career path?

I don’t think there was a personal experience as such, but my Grandfather was quite creative, and my mother always encouraged it, so I had a love of making things from an early age. Also, I was never very good at subjects where there is always a right or a wrong answer, like Maths or Chemistry. Art and English appealed to me so much more, so after I completed my A Levels and a foundation course in art and design I studied fine art at university. I now work as a graphic designer for a hot air balloon company, as well as doing both commission and personal work evenings and weekends.

Are there any other areas of art or design you would like to delve into?

I really want to get back into screen printing. I did it at university and loved the results, and I always admire screen prints in galleries that I visit.

Who and/or what are your biggest influences?

I have a wide range of influences, I’ve always been inspired by the idea of movement, or travel. Planes, cars, horses, etc. Also, the people around me are hugely inspiring, and I suppose physically, the most inspiring thing is finding old photographs and giving them a new purpose. Re-imagining a life that may have been forgotten and thus giving it new existence and meaning.

How has Show Off helped you showcase your work to others?

I’ve had people messaging me on Twitter and other social media sites saying they found my work through Show Off, so it’s definitely helped with exposure. It was also a huge confidence boost, which can be necessary for artists from time to time! It’s a great platform for artists to show off their work, so I’d certainly recommend people enter, and good luck to everyone who does!

You can support Sarah’s Ohh Deer Pillow Fight Competition entry here. Also if you would like to keep up to date with Sarah’s work following her on Twitter or Facebook would be a good place to start!

We recently created an online art gallery space so that we could show off our winners work with a cool piece of music by one of our very own team members so we could create a cool gallery atmosphere. This will be used for our next winner so be sure to keep an eye on our website and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date.



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