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Ruby Horologie is a new jewellery brand which actually started as an evening hobby for Gina Mills. The main ingredient is watch parts, hence the name. Her style is slightly in keeping with the SteamPunk style but has a much more feminine feel. Each piece is unique, no two pieces are the same which is what everyone seems to wants these days. My favourites are the mini glass phials; beautiful!

Ruby Horologie

Gina’s background of work was civil engineering. She says that starting up her jewellery collection has satisfied her engineering and creative mind. The Ruby Horologie Collection includes Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Hair Decorations.

The pieces of adornment can be found here, and you can also check out the Jewellery brand at the Handmade Arcade and Unique Boutique both of which Gina has recently started attending. The jewellery will also be showcased at Hatherleigh Festival this weekend! So if you are in the area but sure to check it out.

If you would like to find on where she is then you can follow her on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

Ruby Horologie


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