A little interview with Laura Kennedy of LK Photography.

How did you get into photography? Where and how did you gain your skills?

I have loved photography from a very young age.  Always wanting a new camera for my birthday or Christmas, then on my 12th birthday I was given a used camera, a Ricoh KR-10, this 35mm SLR film camera, this allowed me to learn loads about photos and photography.  It also made me want to learn more about darkrooms and developing.  Everywhere I went I would have my camera. I was a very shy child so was a bit wary of taking photos of people, but with landscapes, there wasn’t this problem.  I am self-taught, mainly by trial and error.  I used so much black and white film testing out different effects.  After my mum had met my new step dad, who also has a keen interest in photography, my interest grew even more.  Now I had someone who could give me some constructive feedback rather than family members who always say things look good.

After playing around with a few cameras, I have now settled with a canon.  With a number of different lenses and filters, I learn something new every time I’m out taking photos.

What was it about photography that caught your attention?

This was something I could do by myself.  I was a very sporty child and originally wanted to be a PE teacher.  So everything I did was in teams or groups of people.  Taking photos allowed me to go out by myself and look at things from a different angle.  I would always be reading the photography magazines and saying to my mum ‘I wish I could take photos like that.’

What equipment do you favor?

I currently do most my work with a canon 600d and the lens that almost lives on it is a 35-180mm lens.  It goes everywhere with me and isn’t too bulky or heavy so is perfect to just grab for those unexpected shots when I’m out walking my little puppy.  I am loving my ND filters at the moment and experimenting with sunrise and sunsets over lakes and the sea.  Don’t forget the trusty tripod, a must for most landscape photos.

LK Photography

Is there any advice you could give to anyone who would like a career in photography?

Photography is a tough industry, and there are a lot of people out there with talent so it is very competitive as you can see by the ever growing businesses setting up.  There are also a lot of new photographers coming up on places like Gumtree, offering ridiculously cheap photography, putting some professionals out of business.

LK Photography is currently expanding, exactly for the reasons above.  We are looking to help all these new photographers, especially those coming straight out of uni hoping to get a photographer’s job somewhere but struggling with the current financial climate.  We are currently starting something similar to a photography agency.  Our team of photographers are all checked by us and have experience in a chosen area meaning our clients only have to search in 1 place for all their photo needs.  In the near future, we are also looking at a mentoring scheme for those who have a talent and want to become a photographer but can’t afford uni or college. As well as kids and adult tuition in groups or 1 to 1.

Any advice for starting out would be, don’t undersell yourself, by doing this you are branding your photography for the future.   Build a great brand and keep up with the times.  Don’t follow the norm, get out there and look for something different.  Practice, Practice, Practice, learn your camera inside out.  Just because you have taken a couple of photos at a family wedding doesn’t mean you qualify as a professional wedding photographer, you could ruin someones special day. Contact us as we are always expanding our team of photographers, whether you are just looking for experience we would like to start our mentoring scheme.

LK Photography

Who are your biggest influences in photography?

I love looking at the work of Richard Avedon and Art Wolfe.  They have had the opportunity to see and visit some amazing places and people and document it for all to see in their photos.

Where would you like your work to take you in the future?

As mentioned before LK Photography is expanding and now offering all types of photography.  In the near future, we are not only looking to be covering the North East but also start expanding throughout the UK.  With regards to my own photos, I am looking at experimenting more with lens’s and locations to get photos that are different and unique, a new look on the North East.

Portraits are a huge area I am trying to develop the company in.  I love natural shots, with our mini location photo shoots every other weekend in places like Saltwell Park, South Shields Beach, Penshaw Monument and St Marys Lighthouse we are trying to capture great moments that can be treasured. (These can be booked through our website)

With the great new contacts and clients, I am meeting I am looking forward to some of the great venues around the North East where we will be taking photos for advertising and promoting this great part of the UK.

LK Photography


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