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I do, these are the most important two words that a bride and groom want to hear from each other on their long-awaited wedding day. A moment for which two people try to organize everything perfectly starting from the selection of canapés, colour coordinated bridesmaid dresses to a perfectly decorated reception room. It can take up to a year or two of preparation. When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer, and I receive a call from the couple with a question “ Are you doing wedding photography?” my answer straightaway is “Yes, I do.” I get to capture the most nervous and happy moments of the couple’s commitment. Moments of the bride getting ready before walking down the aisle. The first look of the groom when he sees his future wife in her beautiful dress and the millions of happy smiles of their guests.

I will never forget the moment when I arrive at a beautiful wedding day, and I met the bride’s father outside the hotel entrance. He was taking two small packs of tissues out of his car saying that they will be needed later for the ladies. In a few hours time, his daughter was walking down the stairs looking absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, and the emotions of her father took over. The tears of happiness rolled down his cheeks and the two packs of tissues where perfectly handy in his pocket.

These moments are not only unforgettable but moments that get frozen for a lifetime by your wedding photographer.

Every style of photography is hard work and has lots of thought behind it. Especially with wedding photography where you always have to think on your feet to capture all the important moments and at the same time always thinking quick and being creative. Putting your heart into your work is the key to not only great images, but also to make the bride and groom with their guests enjoy having their photos taken.

Little One Photography

As a wedding photographer, I never stop thinking and looking for new ideas for every wedding photo shoot. I always consider the brides or groom ideas of how they would like their photos taken, either having only natural shots or going for something different and fun. Each wedding is personal, and it is important to have a meeting in advance and discuss all details before, so the day flows smoothly and with a lot of fun.

Here are my most important steps for photographing a wedding:

1. Details

We have people on most of our photographs, either as a portrait shot or a group photo, but having photographs taken of the bride’s shoes, rings, and the bouquet can be a very beautiful addition in the wedding album to the rest of the photos. With digital photography, we do not have to worry about the number of pictures that we take so we can then focus more on the best time to take the detailed shots, so we don’t lose an opportunity to take other great photos.



Every bride is beautiful on her wedding day. The hours that she spends on choosing her perfect dress, doing nails, hair, and makeup gives her the extra good feeling for posing in front of the camera and being confident about looking magnificent. Not every bride chooses to have a photographer come early to take images of how she is getting ready, so it is very important to meet her on arrival and spend a good 15 minutes on portrait shots. There is always time to do some more later, but the first ones are always the special ones.



3. Groom

The gorgeous men on their big day!!! Sometimes they can be the ones that as a photographer you have to put extra work in to make them feel comfortable to have their pictures taken. Not all of them will be happy to have their pictures taken on their own, even if they know that it is part of the wedding day. Most of the time it happens to be the best men having a laugh of how their friend is posing and trying to look good for the shots. It is necessary to react quickly to those situations and have photos taken first with all the best men, their full group photo and then when their attention has gone there are 10 minutes free to have portrait photos of the groom. On most wedding days the groom is most happy to pose for the camera with his beloved bride.

Little One Photography

4. Ceremony/Group photos/Bride & Groom

The ceremony and the reception are great for the photographer trying to capture as much of everything as possible, all facial expressions of the guests, parents, bridesmaids and even the priests. Being there at the right time to have photos taken of the bride walking down the aisle and the first look at her from the groom, having their rings put on and the sweet kiss at the end of the ceremony. I love seeing the moment through my lens when the bride and groom are leaving the room, and everyone is standing up and clapping their hands, the room full of positive energy suddenly gets filled up by happy noise and memorable smiles.

After the ceremony, there is a little time to have a few drinks before starting with group photos and the bride & groom by themselves. Group photos are never complicated because their close friends or family celebration they are fully prepared for the celebration and want to be on all the action shots. When it comes to the bride and groom photographs, it is essential to capture them the way they want at the beginning, for example maybe with their kids that they might have together and afterward suggest other ideas and poses. I find that it is very important to listen to the couple’s wishes and not only create great photographs but also make their day more happy and enjoyable.

5. Cake

I always leave the last 15 – 20 minutes for the cake photography. Although there is not the time for the bride and groom to cut the cake, they are always happy to pretend for the photographs. The lovely romantic kisses by the cake just create the perfect icing for the end of their wedding photography.

6. Props

Little props for wedding photography make the pictures look a little more special and fun. It is always great to have the formal photos taken and seeing friends dancing around having fun, but I like that these photographs not only capture the mood perfectly but can also talk for themselves and show that little bit extra. One of my favorite props to use is a ‘wishing board.’ The guests can write whatever they feel like and the fun part of it is, that I get to capture their expression to the wish that they wrote.

Little One Photography

Little One Photography

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