LinkedIn Tips for Business Success

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  • Join Targeted Groups that you will find interesting & can provide a contribution to.
  • Connect with purpose – you only have 3000 connections in a lifetime, connect wisely & don’t use all your connections at once.
  • Add value to your page – complete your profile to 100% & provide interesting content.
  • Segment your connections straight away – hover over each connection & tag them in a particular segment. This way you will know exactly how many connections you have in each group and have an organised profile.
  • Get recommendations from previous clients – these endorsements will boost your profile & add professionalism to your profile.
  • Ensure you have a professional profile image. A head shot & a big smile is best, rather than an image of your & your family.
  • Customize your URL to appear more professional.
  • Edit your contact information to appear as you want it, such as you can change the wording of ‘Company Website’ & ‘RSS Feed’ to use this section as you wish. Do this by clicking on the ‘other’ option & changing to sites such as Facebook/Google+ etc.
  • Link your LinkedIn to your Twitter page so your Twitter feed is easily accessible on your page.
  • Where applicable, add media to your profile, such as videos & slideshows.
  • Post statuses keeping your connections updated with your business & interesting articles etc.
  • Use the Summary box wisely, don’t just copy & paste from your ‘About’ section, use it to tell your connections the facts about your business & business successes.
  • Personalise your LinkedIn invitation requests



Laura Brown

Owner, Introtweet

I am a qualified Secondary School Music Teacher turned Owner of Introtweet - a Social Media company set up to help businesses maximise the potential of Social Media for their business

I have very successfully worked with a number of clients, ranging from Handmade Retail companies to printing services & pet groomers. All services have seen great results and an amazing increase in my clients Social Media presence & knowledge.

Click here to visit Laura's website.


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