How to get the most out of Twitter at Christmas

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10 Tips for the promotion of your business & your Christmas products on the run up to Christmas!

#1 – Ensure all photos of your Christmas products are added to your Twitter page. To add photos to your page click on the Camera icon on the LH side of the box you write a tweet in.

#2 – Ensure all photos added are tweeted with all relevant information such as price, P&P details and how and if they can be personalised. Your customers don’t want to have to work hard to buy your products.

#3Network consistently to promote your Christmas products – networking events such as #handmadehour & your local region networking event is the perfect opportunity to do so.

#4 – Add a ‘call to action’ to your tweets – ask your followers to RT your tweets so you reach a larger audience.

#5 – Retweet (RT) tweets of other Twitter users to encourage interactions and gain a likely RT in return. A RT is the best way to thank a RT!

#6 – Make Twitter part of your Marketing Strategy – in the run up to Christmas make sure you tweet EVERY day at least two or three times. Throughout networking events such as those mentioned above it is extremely worthwhile to dedicate an hour or so to the event so you can tweet a few times & engage with others.

#7Personalise your tweets with comments such as ‘These would make perfect stocking fillers…’, ‘Start your Christmas shopping early…’ – Put the idea of making your products the perfect Christmas present out there!

#8 – Ask your followers to create and add you to their ‘Potential for Christmas Shopping’ list – this way they will save your business as an idea to buy from and revisit and buy at a time more convenient to them.

#9 – Promote your other Social Media sites and your website through your tweets. Tweeting your links in relevant posts is a GUARANTEED way to increase your traffic, audience and therefore sale leads.

#10 – Lastly and very importantly, keep your Tweets PERSONAL & HUMAN. No one wants to listen to a constant hard sell. Remember slow & steady wins the race….!

If you would like to know more about Introtweet head on over to the website, perhaps we can help you make a success of Social Media this Christmas!

Happy Tweeting!


Laura Brown

Owner, Introtweet

I am a qualified Secondary School Music Teacher turned Owner of Introtweet - a Social Media company set up to help businesses maximise the potential of Social Media for their business

I have very successfully worked with a number of clients, ranging from Handmade Retail companies to printing services & pet groomers. All services have seen great results and an amazing increase in my clients Social Media presence & knowledge.

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