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  • Set up your circles early on, whilst you are not connected with many people. This will save time in the long run & will mean you can share information with specific groups of people who will be interested in your posts and are more likely to respond.
  • You can create as many circles as you wish and create your own titles, such as ‘Twitter Connections’, ‘Interested in Social Media’, ‘Family’, ‘Friends’, ‘Previous Customers’. CIRCLES are a way of organising your followers into set groups, similar to lists on Twitter. It then allows to share a post with these specific circles, for example, you have a ‘Previous customers’ circle & want to share your 10% off offer just with them.
  • Ensure your page contains all your important information including your email address and links to your other Social Media sites.
  • Do not share posts/information with connections you have only just made. Connections & relationships need to be built first otherwise, you may find yourself annoying others and therefore being blocked…
  • To share a post with established connections you can add email addresses, names, and circles before posting. Make sure you share a link/picture/video or event with your post to increase the response and engagement of your post.
  • +1 posts that you find interesting and would like to save to read or refer to later on. This action is the same as a Facebook ‘Like’ or a Twitter ‘Favourite’ and could lead to you making an important connection with this user. These +1’s contribute to your ranking on Google – google loves Google+.
  • Use the + icon to address a comment to specific Google+ user whilst commenting on a story/blog/picture etc if required.
  • Comment on any posts you find useful, can help with or would like to know the answer to, once again, Google+ is all about networking, networking, networking. This will build up your connections and mean you will feel more comfortable sharing and asking for opinions on your work.
  • Interact with others and they will interact with you, this make takes time but be patient.
  • Lastly, join lots of communities that interest you, these can be a wide variety and you can be part of however many you like. Try to check this once a day if you can to see what you have missed and if you can, engage with as many posts as possible. Be sociable & engage with other businesses & potential customers! 

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Laura Brown

Owner, Introtweet

I am a qualified Secondary School Music Teacher turned Owner of Introtweet - a Social Media company set up to help businesses maximise the potential of Social Media for their business

I have very successfully worked with a number of clients, ranging from Handmade Retail companies to printing services & pet groomers. All services have seen great results and an amazing increase in my clients Social Media presence & knowledge.

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