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Meet Daniela Guarin (an Art Student who has a huge career ahead) to take a peek into her world of Art, Fashion, Textiles and the future.

You are currently studying at The Savannah College of Art and Design, what made you chose to study here and how had it helped your creative development?

I chose SCAD basically because of all the options they offered in terms of major selection. You have everything here from fine arts to interactive design. I was mainly drawn by all the choices I had. I think my time there has been the best time in my life. I’ve always been creatively driven but it has given me more structure and has broadened my experience with art. As I mentioned before, because it is so diverse you get to collaborate with people from different disciplines and is always interesting. Most of the time the best outcomes come from those collaborations.

What are your plans after you have finished studying?

After I finish studying I want to work for a while either in a fashion or accessory design label for a few years, but eventually I have plans to create my own label with a friend. I plan on keep doing my art on the side and start showing more in galleries and hopefully museums as well.

Daniela Guarin, Anemone

“Organic, elegant, and inspired by Art Nouveau, Anemone is a two-piece set comprised of a necklace and bracelet, meant as a fun and contemporary alternative for everyday jewelry. Stretching the boundaries of traditional accessories, these pieces are meant to be part of the clothing itself; they accentuate simple forms to cause a refined silhouette” – Daniela Guarin

Tell us about your current projects.

Right now I’m developing a fall/Winter line of scarves and accessories for a starting label called Duchess of Winter. In addition, I’m working in a series of new paintings, which deal with the issue of our intolerant society and how we should embrace each other’s differences instead of see it as a bad thing.

Do you have a favourite piece of work?

I think that I fall inlove with the last thing I finished, so I don’t have a favourite all time piece, but for now its my piece called “Heartless.” I like it because it has a story behind it and also because it expressed my emotional state at the time very well, so it helped me relax a lot while I was making it.

Daniela Guarin, HEARTLESS

“This painting is a metaphor between the human body and todays society. It compares how the human body although different, works with different systems to produce a functioning almost perfect body, the way society must work. It is a social criticism of the fact that we lack caring and tolerance and how the reinforcement of these things will promote a more peaceful living for all of us” – Daniela Guarin

What is your all time favourite exhibition that has really left a mark on the way you look/think about design?

This one is kind of hard, I think I don’t have any favorite anything (I know it’s kind of weird) but I think every exhibition is an eye opening experience in a way and unconsciously they shape your new projects and give you a splash of new inspiration. I specifically remember one in Argentina in the MALBA about contemporary Latin American Art, that showed work of living artists. I loved the color stories proposed by Latin artists, as well as their sense of humor in their pieces and also how political we tend to get. I think I can relate to that because most of the time although my pieces are not political, I thrive to have social messages in them and to engage people in a change of perspective, to be more receptive towards the difference, towards change.

Daniela Guarin, Amor Fati

Amor Fati
“An installation that is based on the idea of life as a journey. The knots represent the tightness on the world among us, and it emphasize on the tensions of society. The different materials being used, are an allusion to the diverse races and opinions. Therefore life is about this constant push and pull of forces, that end up shaping our being and individual persona” – Daniela Guarin

Which direction would you like your work to take you in the future?

I have two directions I want to take. With my fine art I want to become really actively involved; I would love to make murals, outdoor art, something that engages the community, and something interactive, where more people can be part of the work itself, and where more people can experience the same thing I experience when I take on a project. Art I believe, connects us on a human level, and I would love to share what I know and do with others. On the other hand, with my textiles I want to elevate them to something more than commercial. I would like to make some sort of “wearable art” and embrace the handmade culture along with fashion.

Check out Daniela’s Website here for more.


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