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Elizabeth James is a London born artist and fine art photographer who discovered her connection and passion to the art of photography at the age of 9. Focusing on the world through a lens is a means of escapism where she can find extraordinary within the ordinary.

‘Colour in Motion’ is a series of art that captures the energy of water with vibrant colours, light and movement. Water is a subject she loves to work with as it can manipulated in so many ways and can adopt itself to various circumstances. She has worked with this subject for many years which has helped develop the ‘Colour in Motion’ Series. When I first saw the series I thought of energy and purity, and how it can be found in the simplest of forms we often fail to notice it is there.

The ‘Colour in Motion’ series has been used to produce Limited Edition T-Shirts in support of  Breast Cancer Care, a charity chosen by Elizabeth. The organisation provides specialist support and information for anyone who is affected by breast cancer. Each T-Shirt sold will give Breast Cancer Care 15% plus VAT. The T-shirts are available in sizes small, medium and large and come with a free signed and numbered Limited Edition postcard of  ’Colour in Motion 0248′. To show your support to Breast Cancer Care you can buy one of Elizabeth’s T-Shirts here.

Elizabeth James Art supports Breast Cancer Care

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the UK. But around 400 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year too. As I have two teenage sons I feel it is important that both young men and women are educated about breast health. My art work is a fun and positive way to raise much needed awareness, as well as funds to help Breast Cancer Care support people affected by the disease.

Elizabeth James ArtElizabeth James Art supports Breast Cancer Care



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