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Born to a father whose interest in art gave him the name Braque Miro (After George Braque and Joan Miro) it is no wonder this artists talents have reach exponential heights. We think Braque is definitely one to watch.

Braque Miro. Native American Art

Braque who is working and living in the South of England is a self taught artist who has been creating since he could pick up a pencil.

“There were always many great art books around the house of all the great masters, so I would recreate my favorite pieces from them, in particular M.C Escher who fascinated me and still does”

As a child Braque never used colour, usually a pencil or some charcoal. His art was something very private as he wanted to get it just how he wanted it, in peace!  He told us that it is ironic that he now works with acrylic paints which is his preferred medium using rich, vibrant colours and want it to be seen and enjoyed everyone.

Braque is proof that surrounding yourself with creativity is the best way to stay artistically tuned.



Since exhibiting in group shows in London and Barcelona Braque has moved on to his biggest project to date; promotional artwork for UK movie ‘The Boys Are Back’ which is the sequel to the hit movie ‘The Business’. Actor, writer and director Tamer Hassan of the film, who owns a piece of Braques art himself wanted to feature original hand painted artwork in his movie.

“I have very much enjoyed being a part of it, and would love to work on more projects like this in the future. As well as that I want to continue making the best artwork I can, improving, growing, learning, evolving, being versatile & using new styles and mediums, create clothing & collaborate with other artists and brands.”

Prints are available through Braques website and originals can be arranged via email info @

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Braque Miro. Kiss Jordan - Jordan Art

Braque Miro. insamiro

Braque Miro


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