Brad Kopek, the owner of Avatar Design House and Knowmad Gallery is a self-proclaimed image creator. You only need a quick glance at his images to know that this guy has an absolutely amazing eye for detail. Every image is packed with different textures, layers, colours and light, from Landscapes and close-ups of textures to architecture and organic structures.

Brad’s eye for detail shines through in every aspect of the multidisciplinary empire that is Avatar Design House and Knowmad Gallery. Avatar provides commercial art services, photography, digital scans and mixed media artworks to metro Detroit and southeastern Michigan as well as offering group tours of Knowmad Gallery, landscape photography workshops, ECO talks for sustainable life and facility rental.

Avatar Design House also work with artists and designers to help them turn their work from digital file to a finished product. If you are interested in working with Brad, you can find out more about how ADH/K can help you here.

ADH/K operates from a fully sustainable gallery space, digital fine art lab, and workshop. The facility was remodeled over 2 years to create one of the most sustainable residences in Michigan, from what was originally an abandoned 1950’s style ranch. You can find out more about this stunning creative space here.



The gallery has just recently completed a 52 week run of sweepstakes where each week someone won an Avatar Design House Print. You can see the last 52 week run of prints won here. If you are based in the US or Canada, be sure to sign up to their newsletter to be in with a chance of winning in the next 52-week print sweepstakes!


Avatar Knowmad - Surface Texture

Avatar Knowmad - HartwickDock

Avatar Knowmad - flat lilly


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