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So for our first official creative post we have chosen to interview Danny O’ Connor aka DOC. An artist based in Liverpool who studied Graphic Arts at Liverpool John Moores Art School (He is bloody brilliant if you ask us)

You can see he has his own style which for us is a sign of a great artist. When we asked him about his work he told us that he has always been drawn to faces and figures; a predominant element throughout his work. Danny has been creating his own characters since he was a child then throughout university he found his niche in portraiture.  He will seldom diversify his work with paintings of animals or purely abstract pieces such as ‘Forge Ahead‘.  In the future, Danny may introduce a wider range of subject matters to further variate his work.

Every Step Of The Way by Danny O Connor

Every Step Of The Way
“I like the simplicity of the face on this piece; it’s silhouette with the white of the face against the dark background. It’s got a good blend of contrasts, the face is quite serene whilst the abstract elements are full of dynamism and energy. The sharp lines sit well against the splashy washes of paint underneath and give a good feeling of depth and layers whilst guiding your eyes to the focal point of the portrait” – Danny O’ Connor

The Hummingbird by Danny O Connor

Humming Bird Mural
“This piece was a commissioned job for a Lounge Bar. They were quite open; whatever I wanted to paint was cool. Birds and wings are something of a recurring theme that tend to crop up in my work. I like the fact they have a symbolic value, in that they represent life and freedom and I think they have a graceful elegance about them, I find that appealing” – Danny O’ Connor

The Driver by Danny O Connor

The Driver
“This is a slightly more abstracted stylized technique I use which isn’t quite as heavily layered as some of my work, but has a fluid energetic aesthetic. The subject is just a regular scene you can see every day, but I wanted to take that and show just how interesting things can be if you look at them in a certain way” – Danny O’ Connor

How do you think others perceive your art?

It depends on the person I suppose. I just paint for myself and hope that others are feeling what I do. I think it wouldn’t be true to yourself if you painted whilst worrying about others perceptions.

What inspires your work the most?

Inspiration comes in many guises. There is the obvious influences of other artists, but I could be watching a film and think ‘I like the light and colours in this scene’, or walking along the street and looking at a decaying metal door and appreciate the layers and textures it creates. My influences are wide and varied and my work kind of reflects the visual language I’ve taken in throughout my life. Which with a bit of imagination is transferred to canvas.

Is there an artwork you are most proud of?

I don’t have any in particular, I think the piece you are working on at any given time should be seen as the most important though. I’m not really sentimental in that I have any particular fondness for any given piece, as I’m always thinking of what to do next.

What is the most important artists tool that you would not manage without?

Does your brain count as a tool? I’ll go with that anyway, because that’s where I keep my imagination.

What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have?

I tend to sit around procrastinating and wasting a lot of time, then I’ll make a cup of tea. But I don’t knowingly follow any given patterns, I just do what feels natural.

Who would you like to paint the most?

I’m not really that bothered who I paint, my interest is in how I go about it. I’m always trying to develop my painting style to introduce new ideas and push myself to come up with something fresh.  For me the subject is just something that I’m interested in but the way I choose to depict it is what keeps me fascinated.

Follow Danny O’ Connor on his Facebook page for updates on what he is up to or check out his Flickr page which houses over 300 images of his work, or if you fancy an original or a print of one of these amazing pieces on your living room wall then you better buy it quick at

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